Working to Support and Encourage Natural Childrearing

Our Sling is designed to be the one and only baby carrier you will ever need:

  • Stay close to babe in comfort, but keep your hands free!
  • Pop the Sling on one-handed in a matter of seconds!

  • No confusing straps or buckles to slow you down.
  • Designed to fit a wide range of adults so multiple caregivers can use the same sling.  Eliminating the need to buy a seperate one for each person!!

Sling covers give you great versatility:

  • Lightweight and breathable Basic Sling keeps you both cool.
  • UV protective cover keeps babe sun-safe.
  • Fleece cover keeps babe warm in cold weather. 
  • Rain cover protects babe from wind and rain.
  • Fleece and rain covers, layered, keep babe warm and dry on a cold, wet day. 

Wear your baby from newborn through toddler-hood, and let the sling do the work:

  • Cradle them as a newborn or while napping as they get older.
  • Face them outward once they hold their head up, so they can actively participate in your world. 
  • Sit them on your hip, letting the sling hold their weight.
  • Keep them out of harm's way on your back. It's quick, easy, safe and comfy for both you and your babe.